Meaning of developmental delay in English:

developmental delay


mass noun
  • The condition of a child being less developed mentally or physically than is normal for its age.

    ‘mercury contributes to many known health problems, including neurological injury, developmental delay, and cerebral palsy’
    • ‘Seizure disorders, developmental delay, and neurological deficits may also be seen.’
    • ‘A quarter of surviving children, assessed at 18-22 months post term, had an abnormal neurological examination, and about a third had evidence of significant neurological developmental delay.’
    • ‘This child is clearly at risk, and the physician should not wait for firm evidence of developmental delay before making a referral for early intervention.’
    • ‘They are used for children who can't be tested behaviourally due to young age, developmental delay, or other medical conditions.’
    • ‘When seeing boys with developmental delay, paediatricians often consider the fragile X syndrome or chromosomal abnormalities and perform cytogenetic or DNA tests.’
    • ‘Neonatal outcomes included perinatal death, neonatal morbidity, and developmental delay in childhood.’
    • ‘However, three or more minor malformations, especially if associated with short stature or failure to thrive, microcephaly or developmental delay, should engender further investigation.’
    • ‘The most common causes of delayed speech are simple delay, understimulation, hearing impairment, global developmental delay, a specific language disorder, and autism or Asperger's syndrome.’
    • ‘Family history collection should include questions about other family members, with particular attention to developmental delay, mental retardation, and psychiatric disorders.’
    • ‘Down syndrome is a common autosomal genetic disorder with characteristic features, mental retardation and developmental delay.’
    • ‘We believe that it is important to report not only the rate of cerebral palsy but also the incidence of developmental delay and sensory impairment in survivors.’
    • ‘Most individuals with chromosome abnormalities are diagnosed because they have obvious physical abnormalities, short stature, failure to thrive, a history of developmental delay or mental retardation.’
    • ‘Because of the increased incidence of visual and auditory impairments, children with global developmental delay may undergo appropriate visual and audiometric assessment at the time of diagnosis.’
    • ‘The patient's medical history was significant for a traumatic brain injury at the age of 5 years, resulting in a refractory seizure disorder and developmental delay.’
    • ‘Potential participants were excluded if the adolescent presented with a history of chronic medical illness or significant developmental delay.’
    • ‘A history of developmental delay suggests the possibility of an underlying organic condition.’
    • ‘In the last 5 years, autism has become the third most common form of developmental delay, and now occurs more commonly than Down syndrome.’
    • ‘A recent comprehensive study of more than 5,000 children reported increased risks of cerebral palsy and developmental delay.’
    • ‘Other parents may not be convinced of the need for a genetics referral until their child shows signs of developmental delay.’
    • ‘In other cases, symptoms such as low muscle tone, developmental delay, heart, lung or liver failure may develop later in infancy or childhood, most likely following an illness.’