Meaning of devil's claw in English:

devil's claw


  • A plant whose seed pods bear clawlike hooks that can harm livestock.

    Two genera in the family Pedaliaceae: genus Proboscidea of warm regions of America, used in basketry or grown for their fruit, and Harpagophytum procumbens of southern Africa and Madagascar, used in herbal medicine

    • ‘Celery seed, devil's claw, dandelion root, meadowsweet, and white willow came out on top.’
    • ‘And finally, European reports have confirmed the benefit of the herb devil's claw in managing gout; you can take 400 mg of the dried extract three times a day for as long as you wish.’
    • ‘A recent article in The Sunday Times mentioned the use of the herb devil's claw for the treatment of frozen shoulder.’
    • ‘Nemec parked his truck and led the way into the thickety jungle, holding a stick to catch spider webs, and warning me not to touch the Florida poisontree and mind the curved spines of the devil's claw vine.’
    • ‘The South African plant devil's claw is also thought to be effective for this, and is usually available as a tincture.’
    • ‘Other remedies, including vitamin E, devil's claw and dong quai may enhance warfarin's effects.’
    • ‘Herbalists tend to refer to plant as devil's claw, however its common name in Australia is grapple plant, because of the grappling hooks on the fruit.’
    • ‘Non-traditional crops such as grapes, dates, cotton, tobacco, lucerne and devil's claw cater for a niche market.’
    • ‘By the way, I've had knee problems in the past - this is what I'm doing to heal them: devil's claw gel, twice daily, arnica massage balm, twice daily, elastic knee support.’
    • ‘Methyl-sulfonyl-methane, capsaicin, devil's claw, glucosamine, curcumin and baswellia have been reported to be helpful.’
    • ‘This tends to be based on a named pathology, such as feverfew for migraines, St John's Wort for depression, devil's claw for arthritis.’
    • ‘When, for example, German commercial products of devil's claw were tested, an unacceptable variability of quality was noted.’
    • ‘Whose foot is devil's claw intended to intercept?’