Meaning of devil's horn in English:

devil's horn

Pronunciation /ˌdɛvlz ˈhɔːn/


  • 1Usually in plural. Either of the horns on the head of the Devil or a devil; a model or representation of this, especially worn as an item of fancy dress.

  • 2In plural. A hand gesture representing devil's horns, made by extending the index and little fingers while holding the middle and ring fingers down with the thumb.

    In earlier use, known as the sign of the horns. The gesture traditionally signifies the warding off of evil, although in various places it is used with other meanings, and is now particularly associated with fans of heavy metal music.

  • 3British, East Anglian English dialect, historical, rare The stinkhorn fungus Phallus impudicus. Also "devil's horn fungus".


Late 16th century. From the genitive of devil + horn.