Meaning of devil devil in English:

devil devil

(also debil debil)


  • (in Aboriginal belief) an evil spirit.

    ‘her sister had told her there was a devil devil near her camp’
    • ‘Accused of killing a friendly white, he wept bitterly that the devil devil had got into him.’
    • ‘I have no idea why I found that funny—maybe he put a laughing devil-devil on me.’
    • ‘The devil-devil is a cultural element that has remained comparatively stable throughout the history of the community and the wider region.’
    • ‘He was a hard man by all accounts, and the indigenous people named him Debil-Debil.’
    • ‘She taught Jeannie about her customs and beliefs, including the fear of debil-debils.’
    • ‘When drinkers are away from camp, a devil-devil looks after their swags and possessions.’
    • ‘The young people are told awesome and hair-raising stories about ghosts and the devil-devil.’
    • ‘The Aborigines claimed that the black, serpentine devil-devil had previously taken and eaten their children.’
    • ‘The older people frightened the others with stories of the devil-devil.’
    • ‘Her sister had told her that there was a devil devil near her camp.’