Meaning of devilfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛv(ə)lfɪʃ/

nounplural noun devilfish, plural noun devilfishes

  • Any of a number of marine creatures that are perceived as having a sinister appearance, in particular a devil ray, a stonefish, or an octopus or squid.

    ‘Their names say everything - dragon fish, devilfish, viper fish, gulper eels, blacktail netdevils, ghost sharks.’
    • ‘Schools of pelagics patrol the pinnacle - devilfish, samson, amberjacks, jewfish, trevally, mackerel and bullseyes, as well as black cod, spangled emperor and snapper.’
    • ‘They were lucky - it turned out to be the first time even our guide from Atlantic had seen a devilfish, that smaller relative of the manta ray, in five years!’
    • ‘Schools of the devilfish swarmed around the screaming multitude as they tried to float on broken planks to the opposite bank; the piranhas turned living flesh to whitened bones.’
    • ‘The first thing I saw was an inimicus devilfish.’
    • ‘The rubble and bommies offer good hunting for leaf scorpionfish, ornate ghost pipefish and many small surprises, while out on the sand various sand octopus species are common, along with devilfish, robust ghost pipefish and more.’
    • ‘There are frogfish that look like crabs; nudibranchs that look like something from Salvador Dali's most colourful dreams; devilfish with chicken's claws that look like nothing on Earth.’