Meaning of devilishness in English:



See devilish

‘She was far from perfection and innocence, yet far from devilishness and wrong.’
  • ‘His character never lost his inherent devilishness though, and he'd worn that wicked smile through the entire movie.’
  • ‘His deranged dare devilishness has earned him a wealth of fans and now, the opportunity to kick Paul Hogan in his Hollywood daks.’
  • ‘He had committed, planned, and ordered more acts of violence and sheer devilishness than any being I had ever encountered.’
  • ‘He is a con-man from the ground up, and America embraced his devilishness.’



/ˈdɛvəlɪʃnɪs/ /ˈdɛv(ɪ)lɪʃnɪs/