Meaning of devo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdiːvəʊ/


mass nounBritish
  • The transfer or delegation of power by a central government to a local or regional administration; devolution.

    ‘her speech on more devo was coherent and well thought through’
    • ‘we have known for a week that devo was not on the agenda’
    • ‘the devo deal has considerable support amongst Greater Manchester MPs’
    • ‘Big thank you to people of Scotland for putting devo for England on the agenda.’
    • ‘I'm from Scotland and I think devo is daft, forget even independence.’
    • ‘UK gov/Scotland Office are spending £1.5M on their public info campaign on new devo powers.’
    • ‘Her speech was a clear attempt to counter SNP claims that voting "no" means no more devo.’
    • ‘Devolution can only be discussed in Westminster if ALL parties have a devo option in their 2015 manifesto.’
    • ‘Were the fault lines already starting to appear even before the serious negotiations about 'devo England' have begun, I wondered?’
    • ‘He called for a system of "devo default", where the Government must have a very good reason not to devolve powers on any issue.’
    • ‘But the "more devo" option was excluded on the assertion that a straightforward Yes/No vote would deliver a clean result.’


1980s abbreviation of devolution.