Meaning of devo max in English:

devo max


mass nounBritish
  • A proposed constitutional arrangement by which Scotland would be granted full economic independence from the rest of the United Kingdom but would still be subject to governance by the British Parliament in particular areas, such as defence or foreign policy.

    ‘opinion polls placed public support for devo max at 60 per cent’
    • ‘the First Minister was accused of ‘flying in the face of economic reality’ by pushing for devo max’
    • ‘The constitutional future of Scotland appears to be swirling around options of devo max, status quo or independence/separation from the UK.’
    • ‘But they pointedly refused to put Devo Max on the referendum ballot.’
    • ‘The reason devo max cannot be a referendum option is that it would win hands down.’
    • ‘I think also he probably would've preferred to have a devo max option on the ballot paper too.’
    • ‘Unless the 'No' campaign comes up with cast-iron proposals, a lot of people who have gone for devo max may support independence.’
    • ‘In the few days before the referendum the language being used was the language of substantial change - devo max, something close to federalism, home rule.’
    • ‘The SNP had suggested adding devo max as an option to this September's ballot paper for independence but the idea was ruled out by Westminster.’
    • ‘When asked about Scotland's future, 32 percent of Scots wanted devo max, 25 percent wanted to retain the status quo, and 31 percent backed full independence.’
    • ‘Government is clearly not willing to offer devo max or fiscal autonomy as an option.’
    • ‘Of course, it's probable most folk don't know precisely what Devo Max entails and some politicians will prefer that it stays that way.’


Early 21st century from abbreviations of devolution and maximum.