Meaning of Devonshire cream in English:

Devonshire cream


mass noun
  • Clotted cream.

    ‘To make Devonshire cream you have to own a ‘house cow’ and break every food safety regulation going - only little people care about tuberculosis.’
    • ‘It's one of the traditions in my department - we do tea at four in the afternoon with pastries and lots of Devonshire cream.’
    • ‘Stuff the indignity of re-entering civilisation as a vegetable, I was thinking, take me to the nearest Devonshire cream tea.’
    • ‘In a large mixing bowl, stir the powdered sugar and vanilla extract into the Devonshire cream.’
    • ‘That only left time to visit the tearooms for a superb Devonshire cream tea, before the heavens opened again, and we made a dash for the car.’