Meaning of Devonshire tea in English:

Devonshire tea


Australian, New Zealand
  • A meal of scones with jam and cream, served with tea or coffee.

    ‘there are guided tours of the house and garden, and Devonshire teas’
    • ‘Admission is $20 a head, which includes Devonshire tea.’
    • ‘At tea shops that made Devonshire tea, I would have scones piled with cream.’
    • ‘In New Zealand, if you order a Devonshire Tea, you will be served scones with butter, jam, and cream and a pot of tea.’
    • ‘Another exciting day, another collection of random events that plopped themselves down on this date in history and demanded a Devonshire Tea.’
    • ‘At nearby Port Fairy, founded in 1835, I found plenty of touristy touches—Cornish pasties, Devonshire teas, and old stone pubs.’
    • ‘Over Devonshire tea, I decided that tomorrow I would decide where, for me, the Great Ocean Road ended.’
    • ‘I am very partial to Devonshire tea.’
    • ‘In the afternoons, one can play croquet, sit amidst the blooming azaleas, nibble on some Devonshire tea, and adamantly wish for a quick death.’
    • ‘If you order Devonshire tea in this fine establishment, you get a real teapot with a real tea cosy on it.’
    • ‘It's understood that Devonshire tea isn't a beverage but a light meal.’


Early 20th century from the association of the cream tea with the English county of Devonshire.