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Pronunciation /dɪˈvəʊtɪd/

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  • 1Very loving or loyal.

    ‘he was a devoted husband’
    • ‘Leo was devoted to his job’
    • ‘John had many qualities, but above all, he was a devoted and loving husband and father.’
    • ‘He's a loving husband and a devoted father to his son, Mike.’
    • ‘Naturally he will also need my devoted attention and loving care in the time ahead if he is to get better as I hope.’
    • ‘And if you want to believe that Jan Rogers is completely faithful and devoted to you, then that's fine.’
    • ‘Narelle knew the hardships of cattle raising business, which began in humble circumstances about 26 years ago and the joys of being a devoted mother and a loving wife.’
    • ‘Through 21 years, she was a loving wife and devoted partner.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Mick and the lads hope to renew acquaintances with many of their loyal and devoted followers when they take to the stage in Crossmolina on Sunday night.’
    • ‘People from many parts of the country have already booked into the town for the music weekend which caters for a strong niche market and has a very loyal and devoted following.’
    • ‘All four are wished a long, contented and healthy retirement after all their years of loyal and devoted service to the Council and the people of the district.’
    • ‘And if you are going to copy my layout, please remove any code which confuses blogstats, the thing which tells me who my loyal and devoted fan base is.’
    • ‘It's simply the most intelligent approach: to put people first and reap the rewards of having a team of loyal, devoted employees.’
    • ‘She declined, although she commented, ‘They seemed to be a very loving and devoted couple.’’
    • ‘We made them what they are through millennia of selective breeding until they became the perfect companion animal - loyal, loving, devoted.’
    • ‘Gail O'Grady is the loving wife and devoted mother at the center of NBC's hit drama, American Dreams.’
    • ‘All of them were willing to do whatever I asked of them, and I liked that I had a cast and crew that was loyal and devoted.’
    • ‘Since then, his records have been sometimes patchy, indifferent affairs, but he's retained a devoted, loyal fanbase.’
    • ‘They are patient nannies for children, and devoted, loving companions for adults.’
    • ‘Although the Giant Schnauzer has a happy nature, this dog is devoted and loyal and may be wary of strangers.’
    • ‘Natives of this sign are devoted and loyal lovers, but they can be too easily hurt.’
    • ‘He was a devout Catholic, a very devoted husband and father.’
    loyal, faithful, true, true blue, staunch, steadfast, constant, committed, dedicated, devout
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  • 2devoted toGiven over to the display, study, or discussion of.

    ‘there is a museum devoted to her work’
    • ‘Another night was devoted exclusively to a discussion of Patrick Roscoe - not the author but a computer-programmer friend of Heti's.’
    • ‘This section of the essay is devoted to an article in Nature magazine on the evolution of the immune system in lampreys (a jawless, parasitic fish).’
    • ‘It's home to the Bettie Morton Gallery and the Brixton Art Gallery - both devoted to up-and-coming African-British artists.’
    • ‘Fortunately, this volume does not lose sight of the strangeness of the poetical perspective; neither is it entirely devoted to the tangible and the earthy.’
    • ‘Of course, I can understand the secular world calling it a theory, but we would say it's devoted to biblical history and true operational science.’
    • ‘Once upon a time, TV people wished upon a star that some day there would be stations devoted entirely to news so they could show just what real journalists they were.’
    • ‘An entire store devoted to everything Swiss Army is the campers' delight!’