Meaning of dhaba in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɑːbə/


  • A roadside food stall.

    ‘Keiichi leads a very simple life on his travels, sleeping overnight in roadside dhabas and getting his food mostly from people he meets.’
    • ‘All shops, even dhabas and chemist shops, remained closed.’
    • ‘She operates from roadside dhabas along the State highway.’
    • ‘The mouth-watering rotis offered by a roadside dhaba are the most delicious ones I have ever had in South India.’
    • ‘The drive has been undertaken to ensure that domestic LPG cylinders are not used in hotels, restaurants, dhabas, sweet shops, tea stalls and other business establishments.’
    • ‘On the non-fuel side, these outlets would have dormitory accommodation, restaurants for motorists, dhabas for truckers, rest rooms, STD / Fax facilities.’
    • ‘People discuss politics in buses and trains and dhabas and in their homes, and are deeply involved in the equations of power: who wields it, who will wield it, who once wielded it, who may wield it, and who can never wield it.’
    • ‘They will raise a stink about local dhabas going out of business due to competition from Nestle shacks, and earn ‘Pro-Poor’ labels.’
    • ‘The village down the road is a study in contrast - mud roads, garbage heaps, clogged drains and shanty dhabas are the high points of a walk through Shikaripalaya.’
    • ‘Full houseboats and hotels, jam-packed restaurants and dhabas and a ubiquitous traffic jam even at nine at night suggest that Kashmir has not lost its glory.’
    • ‘For gourmets, there are 20 dhabas offering authentic north Indian, Chinese and some of the traditional south Indian dishes.’
    • ‘Back in college, we read Kolatkar in dhabas and cafes the way I imagine another generation elsewhere must have read Lorca and Neruda.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, Manjuben is taken to be a man by almost all truck drivers and dhabas that she visits.’
    • ‘I take delight in the flaming stoves and gleaming brass vessels in wayside dhabas.’
    • ‘Along with my friends, I've gone to almost all the dhabas on the outskirts of the town.’
    • ‘For tourists and the locals, there's the ubiquitous dhaba - that hole-in-the-wall eatery that dishes up the most flavoursome and fragrant of food at the humblest of prices.’
    • ‘A vigilant police constable picked up a four-year-old who was washing dishes in a Delhi dhaba.’
    • ‘Will the business of Le Meridien be affected if a dhaba is opened near it?’
    • ‘Right from childhood, he has spent his time either at the dining hall or at the dhaba nearby.’


From Hindi ḍhābā.