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mass noun
  • 1(in Indian religion) the eternal and inherent nature of reality, regarded in Hinduism as a cosmic law underlying right behaviour and social order.

    ‘They accept the religion's basic concepts of dharma, samsara, karma, and ahimsa.’
    • ‘There is a dharma for all times, sanatan dharma, because it lies there always in the soul.’
    • ‘It is in the Mahabharata that we get the syncretic picture of lokasamgraha through the concepts of caturvarnashrama dharma and moksha.’
    • ‘Nama-sankirtana, or the chanting of the Lord's names is the yuga dharma for the age of Kali.’
    • ‘I feel that if it is able to render good service, especially to the Buddha dharma and Tibet, then my personal life is insignificant.’
    • ‘When we study the Buddhist dharma, we are not supposed to blindly accept what we are told.’
    • ‘From Taipei to New York, hundreds of thousands laud his efforts to spread Buddhist dharma, or teachings.’
    • ‘Do women teach the dharma in different ways than men?’
    1. 1.1(in Buddhism) the nature of reality regarded as a universal truth taught by the Buddha; the teaching of Buddhism.
    2. 1.2count noun An aspect of truth or reality.
      • ‘all dharmas are forms of emptiness’



/ˈdɑːmə/ /ˈdəːmə/


Sanskrit, literally ‘decree or custom’.