Meaning of Dharuk in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʌrʊk/


mass noun
  • An Australian Aboriginal language of the area around Sydney.

    ‘It says the word is ‘early nineteenth century, from Dharuk.’’
    • ‘The word, meaning traditional Aboriginal ceremony, is a word that derives from the Dharuk language of Port Jackson and was adopted by Europeans in the first years of white settlement.’
    • ‘William Dawes collected some Dharuk and the Dharuk descendants have learnt what they can and the same thing has happened with Awabakal.’
    • ‘The word is a borrowing from the Dharuk Aboriginal language, and was first recorded in 1788.’
    • ‘When Governor Phillip brought the first group of convicts to Sydney in 1788, he took down some words in the local language, Dharuk.’