Meaning of dhobi itch in English:

dhobi itch


mass noun informal
  • Itching inflammation of the skin, especially in the groin region, suffered particularly in the tropics and typically caused by certain types of ringworm infection or by allergic dermatitis.

    • ‘Lamisil AT Cream is an antifungal cream for the treatment of athlete's foot, dhobie itch and ringworm.’
    • ‘This irritation, when coupled with a fungus infection in the groin region, is known as jock strap itch, or dhobie itch, and is technically named tinea-cruris.’
    • ‘Life in Sierra Leone was good, that is if you ignore the mosquitoes, malaria, dhobi itch, prickly heat, jigger fleas, tomba flies and being permanently soaked in sweat.’
    • ‘Usually only a mild inflammatory condition, but very persistent, these infections can include ringworm, ringworm of the scalp, athlete's foot and jock / dhobi itch.’
    • ‘Various symptoms of malaria kept on cropping up and I was in constant pain with pityriasis versicolor, which is a form of the so-called dhobi itch (a dhobi is a laundryman).’