Meaning of diabesity in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʌɪəˈbiːsɪti/


mass noun informal
  • Used to refer to a form of diabetes which typically develops in later life and is associated with being obese.

    • ‘regular exercise helps prevent diabesity’
    • ‘The concept of "diabesity" has changed some doctors' attitudes in the diabetes field.’
    • ‘The close association between diabetes and obesity has given rise to the term diabesity.’
    • ‘Obesity and diabetes are now so widespread in our country that they have spawned a new word - "diabesity."’
    • ‘Haslam responded by saying that obesity is a 'multi-factorial condition', but the link between diabetes and obesity is very strong, so much so that some refer to the two as 'diabesity'.’
    • ‘The employees...will participate in service opportunities designed to combat Indiana's diabesity problem.’
    • ‘Physical activity and non-clinical weight management programs can compensate for our bad genes and prevent diabesity.’


1980s blend of diabetes and obesity.