Meaning of diabolus in musica in English:

diabolus in musica

(also diabolos in musica)

Pronunciation /dɪˌabəlʊs ɪn ˈmuːziːkə/ /dʌɪˌabələs ɪn ˈm(j)uːzɪkə/


  • Tritone.


Mid 19th century. From post-classical Latin diabolus in musica the devil in music (from diabolus devil + classical Latin in + mūsica), more fully mi contra fa, est diabolus in musica ‘mi’ against ‘fa’ is the devil in music, after German Mi contra Fa ist der Teuffel in der Musica; so called as the interval was regarded as unstable and rejected as a consonance by most theorists.