Meaning of diachroneity in English:



See diachronic

‘The lithostratigraphic correlation between the two units appears to be very good, although biostratigraphic resolution is inadequate to assess the degree of diachroneity.’
  • ‘The demonstrable geographic variability and diachroneity of the Ordovician diversifications imposes limitations on the level of analysis possible with synoptic databases.’
  • ‘Often, however (assuming accuracy of the data), they pose more problems than they solve, and bear witness to major diachroneity of otherwise similar events.’
  • ‘The diachroneity is so great that widely separated upper St. Lawrence-Jordan Sandstone sections can have no overlap in age.’
  • ‘In spite of the global diachroneity of some graptolite species it should still be possible accurately to define a base for the Upper Ordovician at the base of the Caradoc Series.’



/ˌdʌɪəkrəˈniːɪti/ /ˌdʌɪəkrəˈneɪɪti/