Meaning of diachronism in English:


Pronunciation /dʌɪˈakrənɪz(ə)m/


mass nounGeology
  • The occurrence of a feature or phenomenon in different geological periods.

    ‘This is interpreted to reflect both diachronism in fault reactivation and variable distance from source area to sub-basin, causing variable delays between basin-margin faulting and clastic deposition in the basin.’
    • ‘A typical example of diachronism would be a sequence of beds deposited in a shallow sea that gradually encroaches upon the land.’
    • ‘Therefore, this flexural model could provide an explanation for the above mentioned diachronism.’
    • ‘The diachronism could be due to discontinuities in the vertical record of fossils.’
    • ‘Comparison of the thickness of lithostratigraphic units between sites appeared problematic because of the apparent diachronism of the lithostratigraphic boundaries and of the lateral changes of porosity.’