Meaning of diadelphous in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʌɪəˈdɛlfəs/


  • (of stamens) united by their filaments so as to form two groups.

    ‘The androecium consists of 10 diadelphous stamens.’
    • ‘These consist of 10 diadelphous stamens and a bent, bearded, and beaked style.’
    • ‘The ten stamens are arranged in diadelphous fashion, with the staminal column (nine basally fused) surrounding the pistil.’
    • ‘The stamens are 6 in number and diadelphous or frequently distinct and numerous.’
    • ‘In some species the ten stamens are all united by their filaments or one stamen is free and the other nine are united (diadelphous).’


Early 19th century from di-‘two’ + Greek adelphos ‘brother’ + -ous.