Meaning of diagonal matrix in English:

diagonal matrix


  • A matrix having non-zero elements only in the diagonal running from the upper left to the lower right.

    ‘Then, C is subjected to spectral decomposition as C = VÎV T, where V is an orthogonal matrix containing the set of eigenvectors and Î is a diagonal matrix containing the set of eigenvalues.’
    • ‘It is also orthogonally similar to a diagonal matrix corresponding to the principal directions of the g-tensor so that its trace is equal to the sum of the squares of the three g-values of the EPR species, F- A in this case.’
    • ‘The diagonal matrix at the bottom presents the statistical significance of the nonrandom associations between the pairs of sites.’
    • ‘Rate equations in a simplified form are given by JONG 2002, where R is a diagonal matrix and G is a vector of nonlinear functions.’
    • ‘The singular values from the diagonal matrix, together with the corresponding rows or columns of the protein and peptide matrices comprise the singular triplets presented in rank order.’