Meaning of dial up in English:

dial up

phrasal verb

  • 1dial something up, dial up somethingAccess a computer system or service remotely via a phone line.

    ‘dialling up each time we want to use the internet will become a thing of the past’
    • ‘people do not have to pay for phone line calls every time they dial up to the internet’
    • ‘plans to enable customers to dial up videos from their living room’
    • ‘Because the personal computer at home is permanently connected, there is no need to dial up for access.’
    • ‘I decided to dial up the new series, and much to my surprise, found myself hooked in a very short time, albeit confused from the outset because I hadn't seen the three hour miniseries.’
    • ‘Those which had firewall virus protection on their systems had beaten away the bug, but those without found their systems spontaneously rebooting every time they dialled up the Internet.’
    • ‘While most people used to dial up to their ISP for limited amounts of time, now many are online 24/7, thanks to their broadband Net connection.’
    • ‘Those bringing laptops may plug in and dial up to their usual ISPs.’
    • ‘It is always-on and connected, eliminating the need to dial up for access, and connect and disconnect from the internet.’
    • ‘Valley geeks were already hopping onto Wi-Fi hotspots and playing with "smart" phones, but most people were still dialling up to connect to the internet and using mobile phones only for talking.’
    • ‘I never dial up to listen to my voice messages.’
    • ‘The company's traffic comes largely from its 22.2 million subs, who see the portal whenever they dial up.’
    • ‘You will not be able to change your password unless you have dialed up to the network and are connected.’
  • 2dial something up, dial up somethingAdjust the control on an electrical device so as to increase the level of sound, light, heat, etc. produced.

    • ‘even with everything dialled up to full, the audio output level was only moderate at best’
    1. 2.1 informal Increase the amount, intensity, or degree of a quality, factor, etc.
      • ‘the Raiders really dialled up the pressure in the second half’