Meaning of dialectically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʌɪəˈlɛktɪk(ə)li/

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‘However, this idea is dialectically explored through the phenomenon of ‘shock work,’ as practiced by the rural Soviet worker that was forced into the ‘five year plans.’’
  • ‘Taking the individual as the arbiter and source of moral values is dialectically related to the concept of ‘Liberal Community’.’
  • ‘Unless we view them dialectically, the events of history - the violent chaos of battle, agonies of martyrdom, interminable failures of individual intellect and will - appear to be no more than a ‘slaughter bench’ of human hopes.’
  • ‘The distinction between appearance and reality, as expressed in the propositional copula, then leads dialectically to a new task of thought, the task of theoretical science, of systematic inquiry into the realm of truths.’
  • ‘The clinician must be well-attuned to the patient when the patient may be in the process of reconstructing schemas, thinking dialectically, recognizing paradox and generating a revised life narrative.’