Meaning of diamine in English:


Pronunciation /dʌɪˈeɪmiːn/ /dʌɪˈamiːn/ /ˈdʌɪəmiːn/


  • A compound whose molecule contains two amino groups, especially when not part of amide groups.

    ‘First, under normal conditions, dietary histamine is degraded in the intestine by mucosal diamine oxidase enzyme; this prevents histamine's entry into the circulation.’
    • ‘Biological monitoring of isocyanate is possible using albumin adducts and their corresponding diamines in plasma and urine.’
    • ‘Condensation polymers are usually formed between dibasic organic acids and dihydroxyalcohols or diamines.’
    • ‘Of all markers used, only high iron diamine / Alcian blue pH 2.5 and Alcian blue pH 0.5 were positive in the early carcinoma.’
    • ‘The early intestinal-type carcinoma was negative for CDlO, MUC2, and MUC5AC but intensely positive for high iron diamine / AB pH 2.5 and for AB pH 0.5.’