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Pronunciación /ˈdʌɪəməndbak/

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  • 1

    (also diamondback rattlesnake)
    A common large North American rattlesnake with diamond-shaped markings.

    Genus Crotalus, family Viperidae: two species

    ‘At 35 deg C, not atypical of a sunny, summer day in the southwestern U.S. deserts, the western diamondback rattlesnake, Crotalus atrox, shakes its rattle at frequencies up to 90 Hz.’
    • ‘It's a showdown between two of the world's most dangerous desert hunters: a red-tailed hawk and a diamondback rattlesnake.’
    • ‘I was asked to pick up a western diamondback rattlesnake bare-handed.’
    • ‘We walked on through the fragile valley watching for diamondbacks and indigo snakes, maybe even for a serpent.’
    • ‘The whirring rattle of a diamondback poised to strike Maj.’
  • 2

    another term for terrapin (sense 2 of the noun)

    ‘The periwinkle in turn is preyed upon by blue crabs and diamondback terrapins.’
    • ‘Volunteers found 21 diamondback terrapins in abandoned crab traps pulled from the edge of the bay.’
    • ‘This suggests that all could provide food for diamondback terrapins.’