Meaning of diamondback moth in English:

diamondback moth


  • A small greyish moth which displays a pattern of diamonds along its back when the wings are folded. The caterpillar can be a pest of brassicas and other cultivated vegetables.

    Plutella xylostella, family Yponomeutidae

    ‘They can also harbour aphids and insects like the diamondback moth, a pest of canola.’
    • ‘The researchers tested the GM plants by exposing them to caterpillars of the diamondback moth.’
    • ‘Without its natural enemies, such as ground beetles, spiders and minute parasitic wasps, the diamondback moth is content to munch away on a never-ending supply of cabbage worldwide.’
    • ‘Whether in TB'S resistance to antibiotics or the diamondback moth's immunity to the deadly pesticide known as Bt toxin, the force of human-driven natural selection is abundantly evident.’
    • ‘Besides being a nemesis of cabbage, diamondback moth is also a major worldwide pest of other cole crops.’