Main meanings of diana in English

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Pronunciation /dʌɪˈanə/

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  • A North American fritillary (butterfly), the male of which is orange and black and the female blue and black.

    Speyeria diana, subfamily Argynninae, family Nymphalidae

    ‘The hairy black and orange caterpillar of the Diana fritillary, Speyeria diana, spends its spring and early summer days eating violet flowers and leaves after wintering over without eating a bite.’
    • ‘Luoguella diana n. sp. differs from Luoguella elegantula n. sp. in the smooth and wide ramp, an umbilical area covered by an inductura, the rounded-angular periphery, and thickened peristome.’


Modern Latin; associated with the goddess of the moon, because of the silvery crescents on the wings.

Main meanings of Diana in English

: diana1Diana2


Pronunciation /dʌɪˈanə/

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proper noun

Roman Mythology
  • An early Italian goddess associated with hunting, virginity, and, in later literature, with the moon.

    Greek equivalent Artemis