Meaning of diaphragm pump in English:

diaphragm pump


  • A pump using a flexible diaphragm in place of a piston.

    ‘Backpack sprayers come with either a piston pump or a diaphragm pump.’
    • ‘A 32 cm length of polycarbonate tubing (internal diameter 1.1 cm, external diameter 1.2 cm) with multiple perforations was inserted through the centre of each lid, which served to deliver air from the diaphragm pump.’
    • ‘The fixed-displacement diaphragm pump provides programmed precision microdispensing of high-purity or aggressive fluids.’
    • ‘A diaphragm pump enables high-precision dosing in the nanoliter range for many aggressive media including organic and inorganic solvents.’
    • ‘The most commonly used chemical injection pump for individual water treatment is the positive displacement diaphragm pump.’