Meaning of diaphysis in English:


Pronunciation /dʌɪˈafɪsɪs/

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nounplural noun diaphyses/dʌɪˈafɪsiːz/

  • The shaft or central part of a long bone.

    Compare with epiphysis

    ‘Interposed between the epiphysis and the diaphysis is the cartilaginous epiphyseal plate.’
    • ‘The tumor is eccentric, usually metaphyseal, but it may extend into the epiphysis or along the medullary cavity into the diaphysis.’
    • ‘The forces of the two opposing groups of muscles result in twisting of the epiphysis and the diaphysis in opposite directions.’
    • ‘In both fetal and post-natal growth, the cartilage is replaced by bone in a process known as endochondral ossification, in which ossification starts in the centers (diaphyses) of the long bones and spreads outward.’
    • ‘The grafts were mounted onto steel cables and snap hooks in the load frame using either the holes in the tibial diaphysis or tendon graft loops.’


Mid 19th century from Greek diaphusis ‘growing through’, from dia ‘through’ + phusis ‘growth’.