Meaning of diarrhoeic in English:



See diarrhoea

‘A total of 13 Salmonella isolates were recovered from cattle diarrhoeic rectal swabs comprising S. Enteritidis, S. Typhimurium, and S. Bareilly.’
  • ‘She had a one-year history of what she described as ‘active stomach’: She felt a permanent activity in her abdomen, a need to pass diarrheic stools, and was constantly ‘aware of her rectum.’’
  • ‘The length of each diarrheic episode ranged from O to 19 days in foals from treated dams and from 2 to 21 days in foals from non-treated dams.’
  • ‘Today, a spokesman for the authority warned recreational cocklers that they may be putting themselves at risk of diarrhoeic shellfish poisoning which has been found in other areas.’
  • ‘A third toxin that causes diarrhoeic shellfish poisoning, which is so dangerous that the safety limit is zero, has been detected in one location, Ob Dubh in Loch Dunvegan on Skye.’