Meaning of diazo compound in English:

diazo compound


  • An organic compound containing two nitrogen atoms bonded together, especially a diazonium compound.

    ‘The color is from the diazo group - a lot of small diazo compounds have it, or so I hear.’
    • ‘When the aqueous solution containing the diazo compound is heated, the latter is converted into a phenol.’
    • ‘Table I gives yields of diazo compounds produced by this vacuum pyrolysis method.’
    • ‘The nitromonoazo compounds of the formula are obtained by diazotising 2-amino - 5-nitroanisole and coupling the diazo compound to a naphtholsulfonic acid.’
    • ‘Using naphthol phosphates as the substrate, these enzymes split off the phosphate, leaving the naphthol, which then couples to the diazo compound to form an insoluble dye at the site of activity.’


Late 19th century diazo from diazonium.