Meaning of dice with death in English:

dice with death


  • Take serious risks.

    ‘Young people do not appreciate that taking Ecstasy is dicing with death.’
    • ‘After the accident last October concern was raised that children as young as nine were dicing with death on the Parkway by playing ‘chicken’ in the fast-moving traffic.’
    • ‘Speeding motorists on West Yorkshire roads are dicing with death by driving on the wrong side of the road in an attempt to dodge speed cameras instead of slowing down.’
    • ‘Dozens of youngsters are dicing with death by leaping 80 ft from bridges into the waters of Salford Quays to cool down during the heatwave.’
    • ‘Pensioners who have to dodge dual-carriage way traffic to catch a bus are dicing with death, a county councillor has claimed.’
    • ‘People who drink alcohol and swim in North Yorkshire's rivers and lakes are dicing with death, police divers have warned.’
    • ‘Men buy Harley Davidson motorbikes and dice with death on the roads.’
    • ‘We're usually taking calculated risks and even dicing with death at times!’
    • ‘Children are dicing with death hitching rides on the back of moving vehicles.’
    • ‘Skateboarders grabbing on to the back of moving buses are dicing with death.’