Meaning of dicentric in English:


Pronunciation /dʌɪˈsɛntrɪk/


  • (of a chromosome) having two centromeres.

    ‘Thus, in these three cases the distal end of the P element inserted into either the homolog or the sister chromatid in the direction of the centromere to create a dicentric chromosome.’
    • ‘A second set of slides from each clone were analyzed for dicentric chromosomes using centromere-specific staining.’
    • ‘Chromatid breaks, fragments, sister chromatid union, dicentric chromosomes and gaps were observed with all concentrations of karathane LC at both treatment times.’
    • ‘The cassette was inserted in both possible orientations, to determine any potential influence of ectopic crossovers that lead to acentric and dicentric chromosomes.’
    • ‘This paper describes an analysis of the frequency of dicentric chromosomes and acentric fragments in 1260 subjects occupationally exposed to X-rays and 241 controls.’


  • A dicentric chromosome.

    ‘The results are expressed as per cent aberrant cells, chromatid and chromosome breaks, dicentrics, centric rings, exchanges, acentric fragments, total aberrations, polyploidy and SDC in Tables I - III.’
    • ‘In this cell line one dicentric involving chromosome 3 was observed in 436 cells, four dicentrics involving chromosome 19 in 114 cells and four dicentrics involving chromosome 22 in 117 cells.’
    • ‘We observed 28 breaks of the chromatid type, 13 of chromosome type and 10 dicentrics.’
    • ‘While both normal human cells and TK6 cells show low levels of dicentric chromosomes, the frequencies and types of dicentrics in TK6 differ from those reported for primary human cell lines.’
    • ‘Dicentrics were classified as complete reciprocal dicentrics and incomplete dicentrics.’