Meaning of dicey in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʌɪsi/

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adjectiveadjective dicier, adjective diciest

  • Unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

    • ‘food supplies have been dicey in recent months’
    • ‘Lots of people write to ask about detecting the subtle signs of a potentially dicey relationship.’
    • ‘Talking politics is dicey business, particularly with somebody you don't know.’
    • ‘Keeping your personal relationship on even keel during this emotionally dicey period could prove difficult.’
    • ‘This has fixed the chain-jumping problem, though the gears are still a bit dicey.’
    • ‘I figured she wouldn't be able to write the article at all - it'd be dicey.’
    • ‘Here are a few more questions Goldman suggests homebuyers ask themselves before deciding on a dicey neighborhood.’
    • ‘When the Princeton graduate, who majored in electrical engineering and computer science, decided to make the leap on to the internet he knew it would be dicey.’
    • ‘It is always a little dicey to throw around the word propaganda.’
    • ‘Here lately, things have maybe gotten a little bit more dicey, I guess.’
    • ‘Regarding what went down at Fed Square, all I can say is that the people in question didn't get the help they needed and things got a little dicey.’
    • ‘Besides the use of these drugs renders one more vulnerable to tuberculosis; and that is a very dicey situation in a country like ours.’
    • ‘As the BBC wrote a few days ago, a Mars landing is a pretty dicey affair.’
    • ‘Having to saddle up a mud-encrusted bike and ride hell-bent in inky blindness is a dicey proposition.’
    • ‘Here's the lowdown on what you're missing - and just how dicey things really are.’
    • ‘I think it's going to be a very dicey situation for the foreseeable future.’
    • ‘Asian Internet companies proved especially dicey for many reasons.’
    • ‘They negotiate the dicey line between mimicry and mockery partly by dint of fascination with details.’
    • ‘And also this Kabul situation, when they get near there, is going to be also very dicey.’
    • ‘The transport system still seems dicey, and armed insurgents rule the roads.’
    • ‘Being so close to the Pacific means that the weather can be dicey: perishing cold, low cloud and sudden thaws on the lower slopes.’
    risky, uncertain, unpredictable, touch-and-go, precarious, unsafe, dangerous, perilous, high-risk, hazardous, fraught with danger
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