Meaning of dichotic in English:



  • Involving or relating to the simultaneous stimulation of the right and left ear by different sounds.

    • ‘This dichotic auditory stimulus in which the only difference in the sounds to the two ears is the sound pressure level, is heard as a sound inside the head (lateralized).’
    • ‘Using dichotic listening tasks, Bryden also studied the differential processing of verbal and emotional stimuli, and abnormal lateralized functioning in children with learning disabilities.’
    • ‘Relatively recently a study applied the dichotic listening paradigm to investigate correlation of handedness with language lateralization in twins and concluded that language lateralization is nongenetic in origin.’
    • ‘For example, in dichotic listening tests, subjects hear two distinct streams of information simultaneously through two separate channels of a pair of earphones.’
    • ‘Hillyard and Picton carried out a now-classic dichotic listening study.’


Early 20th century from Greek dikho- ‘apart’ + ous, ōt- ‘ear’ + -ic.