Meaning of dichromatic in English:


Pronunciation /dʌɪkrə(ʊ)ˈmatɪk/


See dichromatism

‘Chestnut Teal are strongly sexually dichromatic; the male has a green head, chestnut breast, and dark upperparts, and the female closely resembles a Grey Teal.’
  • ‘The RSD species are also so obviously sexually dichromatic that it seems unlikely the tail length dimorphism could have evolved to reduce competition between mated pairs for access to ecological resources such as food.’
  • ‘Other arrhythmic animals must also have dichromatic color vision during the day and detect wavelengths somewhere between 430 and 500 nm at night, depending on their rhodopsins and specific types of blue pigments.’
  • ‘Gambel's quail is a highly ornate and dichromatic species, whereas scaled quail (C. squamata) is unornamented and monochromatic.’
  • ‘Most mammals are dichromatic, meaning they have the use of two types of light-receiving cells, called cones, in their eyes that allow them to distinguish two of the four primary color phases, giving them limited color resolution.’