Meaning of dickcissel in English:



  • A North American songbird related to the cardinals, with a black and white throat and bright yellow breast.

    Spiza americana, family Emberizidae (subfamily Cardinalinae)

    ‘Grasslands and prairies support a number of polygynous species as well, including meadowlarks, bobolinks, dickcissels, lark buntings, and great-tailed grackles.’
    • ‘He's set up a network of 15 computerized monitoring stations that listen for dickcissels in flight.’
    • ‘Henslow's sparrows were present in five of the six tracts and dickcissels present in all six.’
    • ‘Birds that flock with the dickcissel or that feed in the same areas are also at risk.’
    • ‘The dickcissel is a wanderer, appearing in large numbers at a breeding ground one year and totally absent the next.’



/dɪkˈsɪs(ə)l/ /ˈdɪksɪs(ə)l/


Late 19th century imitative of its call.