Meaning of dicky bow in English:

dicky bow


  • A bow tie.

    • ‘‘Censorware is a non-solution for a non-problem,’ he said without referring once to Scunthorpe Town FC, when the bumptious team wore dicky bows and mishit the ball in a fixture against Arsenal.’
    • ‘The nice old guys in dicky bows at the British Museum had been saying, ‘You're not the normal kind of person we have here, but you do it the way you want.’’
    • ‘It was an extra special victory for Parkinson, whose previous seven fights had all been in front of the dicky bows on dinner shows.’
    • ‘The wise-cracking specialist, sporting a tie instead of the familiar dicky bow, is a TV regular, seen on Crimewatch as well as antique programmes.’
    • ‘I was in my tight black strides and long coat, lame shoes, cheap dicky bow tie, name badge and paper hat.’