Meaning of dicrotic in English:


Pronunciation /dʌɪˈkrɒtɪk/


  • Denoting a pulse in which a double beat is detectable for each beat of the heart.

    ‘As with the arterial pressure wave, a normal pulse volume tracing has a brisk upstroke and a dicrotic notch.’
    • ‘The balloon should begin inflation on the dicrotic notch which represents the beginning of diastole.’
    • ‘The precise mechanism for a dicrotic pulse in the last group is not clear; it is more frequently observed in patients with pump failure postoperatively.’
    • ‘The dicrotic notch and the ensuing wave seen in the arterial pressure record is the pressure transient produced when the aortic valve closes at the end of left-ventricular ejection.’
    • ‘The height of the dicrotic notch marking the start of this diastolic wave was decreased by acetylcholine or an NO donor, and further decreased by a phosphodiesterase type V inhibitor.’


Early 19th century from Greek dikrotos ‘beating twice’ + -ic.