Meaning of dicty in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪkti/


informal US
  • Ostentatiously stylish; pretentious.

    • ‘up there in their dicty Detroit suburb living the so-called good life’
    • ‘If she was rejected by an elite and urban northern black community, she also reviled them, scorning their white lifestyle as ‘dicty’ (a pejorative coinage).’
    • ‘However, it in no way hampers the author's incisive analysis of the ‘dicty,’ African-American bourgeois.’
    • ‘Thus, I have a hard time seeing how ditzy/ditsy might have been derived from dicty.’
    affected, ostentatious, chi-chi, showy, flashy, tinselly, conspicuous, flaunty, tasteless, kitschy


Early 20th century of unknown origin.