Meaning of didi in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdiːdiː/


  • 1Indian An older sister or older female cousin (often as a proper name or form of address)

    ‘just have a look at this luggage, didi’
    • ‘One day, Smriti said ‘Daddy naughty Anita didi said so.’’
    • ‘Kalpana was didi to a whole generation here in India, a role model - both actually and symbolically as one for whom the stars were literally the limit - for youngsters struggling to make a place for themselves in the world.’
    • ‘Why were all the servants in the village pointing at Shalu didi when her tummy became big?’
    1. 1.1A respectful form of address to any older woman familiar to the speaker.
      ‘‘Didi, didi, didi,’ she pleads, gesturing to her mouth and her malnourished body.’
      • ‘And, memorably, Arundhati didi what's the Sydney Peace Prize?’


Probably Hindi, from Bengali.