Meaning of die hard in English:

die hard


  • Disappear or change very slowly.

    ‘old habits die hard’
    • ‘Despite the bar on discrimination, old habits die hard and the Scheduled Castes are the hardest hit.’
    • ‘His adultery could be a constant, desperate search for love, or just an old habit that dies hard.’
    • ‘Despite the assurances given at that time, the state bureaucratic delays continue as if to prove the truth of the adage that old habits die hard.’
    • ‘Sometimes it's a good thing that old habits die hard.’
    • ‘The BBC's online news service this week proved that old newsgathering habits die hard - even in cyberspace.’
    • ‘But old habits die hard and Ronnie still delivers to his 250 to 300 customers seven days a week.’
    • ‘But old habits die hard: pounds and ounces have been around for centuries.’
    • ‘Old habits die hard and until the 1950s Australian cooking was synonymous with British food.’
    • ‘A lot of students keep their computers turned on all the time when they live in residence and old habits die hard in later years.’
    • ‘But old habits die hard, and invariably, after a short time things will slide.’