Meaning of diestock in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʌɪstɒk/


  • A hand tool used in the cutting of external screw threads, consisting of a holder for the die which is turned using long handles.

    ‘Offerings covered a wide range, including a large selection of old books on tools and trades, many Stanley items, a good variety of wooden planes, and a finely engraved eighteenth-century diestock.’
    • ‘On the outside of the diestock the ultimately leaving liquid can be collected by suitable means, not shown.’
    • ‘Some systems have a pistol that can take up to ten screws and, as a diestock is not required, insertion is very easy, meaning that operative time is reduced considerably.’
    • ‘What is described as a diestock is correctly named a Tap stock.’
    • ‘This can lead to diestocks being lost or misplaced, and can aggravate the user.’
    • ‘After a few rotations of the diestock, the bolt and washer are withdrawn.’
    • ‘The diestocks you mention appear to have a built in facility for adjustment - I never have had the privilege of using such refined equipment.’
    • ‘They are computer-designed British-made boxes containing Taps, Dies and tapwrenches and diestocks, covering the widest choice of a variety of taps, dies, dienuts, drills etc.’