Meaning of diet-busting in English:



  • (of food) high in calories; fattening.

    • ‘a diet-busting chocolate sandwich’
    • ‘diet-busting recipes’
    • ‘Pies don't have to be calorie-laden and diet-busting.’
    • ‘You know the party will have oodles of excellent, diet-busting food.’
    • ‘I only came down occasionally for more diet-busting goodies.’
    • ‘Alanna discovers how to avoid certain cravings and diet-busting foods in order to choose a healthier option.’
    • ‘Corporations would be embarrassed to list sky-high calorie counts for their diet-busting sandwiches and other items.’
    • ‘A huge holiday meal tends to hang around the house long after the holidays are over in the form of delicious—but diet-busting—leftovers.’
    • ‘Winter is coming—that diet-busting, spare-tire-inflating season that brings us Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's Eve.’