Meaning of dietetic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʌɪəˈtɛtɪk/

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  • Concerned with diet and nutrition.

    ‘experienced dietetic advice’
    • ‘As dietitians primarily employed in long-term care, our common experience was that our traditional teaching hospital dietetic internships had not prepared us for work in continuing care facilities.’
    • ‘This will increase awareness and access to the research of the Canadian nutrition and dietetic community.’
    • ‘While dietetic practitioners are in the best position to ask research questions relevant to practice, clinical dietitians have been reluctant to become involved in research.’
    • ‘Egg and milk are the commonest allergens and should be considered if severe eczema persists despite adequate treatment, in which case dietetic advice should be sought.’
    • ‘It was a continuous learning experience that followed me from dietetic internship into dietitian practice.’
    • ‘Many dietitians have promoted dietetic research for decades to get it on the agenda of health care facilities.’
    • ‘We need imaginative and inventive dietitians to nourish dietetic practice, to move it forward.’
    • ‘This October she looks forward to starting her dietetic internship at Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre.’
    • ‘The first step is to obtain a detailed medical and nutritional history, including use of dietetic food products.’
    • ‘Having a solid education and firm grounding in the practice of foods and nutrition prepares you to do much more than traditional dietetic roles.’
    • ‘His library was stuffed with medical texts that pledged to cure disease and to extend life if only you would submit to the dietetic and therapeutic disciplines of medical expertise.’
    • ‘While training as a registered dietitian, she readily took initiative in the program and dietetic community.’
    • ‘The accountability issue goes beyond the individual dietitian, and has an impact on the dietetic profession.’
    • ‘The dietetics report included a discussion of limitations to effective dietetic practice.’
    • ‘Earlier I mentioned dietitians from the past who have helped shape the dietetic profession.’
    • ‘We would also not ask dietetic interns to collate the data; rather we would try to recruit a graduate student with a background in statistics.’
    • ‘During her 11-year tenure, she conducted a very successful training program for dietetic interns.’
    • ‘Practice within the work setting aims to reduce gaps in effective clinical dietetic care.’
    • ‘These waiting lists are for diagnostic procedures, treatments, and dietetic counselling, to name just a few.’
    • ‘Sure, some medical and dietetic organizations claim that high dietary protein intakes are not only wasteful, but also potentially harmful.’


Mid 16th century (as a noun in the sense ‘dietetics’): via Latin from Greek diaitētikos, from diaita ‘a way of life’.