Meaning of difference of opinion in English:

difference of opinion


  • A disagreement or mild quarrel.

    ‘there was a difference of opinion between myself and the chief planner’
    • ‘The debates were on issues, not about race - there may have been differences of opinion.’
    • ‘I want to add a brief response to Andrew's characterization of his differences of opinion with us.’
    • ‘France's labour unions have generally been supportive of the 35-hour initiative, with some differences of opinion on key issues.’
    • ‘Extension of the European Union: unbridgeable differences of opinion.’
    • ‘In any relationship, there is going to be a difference of opinion.’
    • ‘They should have just submitted a written note during the meeting acknowledging their difference of opinion.’
    • ‘Interobserver variation is a far more significant factor in causing differences of opinion between observers.’
    • ‘You know, families always have differences of opinion.’
    • ‘The two presidential candidates have a difference of opinion on lying.’
    • ‘Joint decision making can lead to differences of opinion, however.’