Meaning of difference threshold in English:

difference threshold


  • The least amount by which two sensory stimuli can differ for an individual to perceive them as different.

    ‘In this type of task, intervals are repeatedly presented in a series of trials, and an index of variability, such as a difference threshold, can be estimated.’
    • ‘This might be seen as an estimate of the difference threshold.’
    • ‘Consequently, a sudden increase in the difference curve is observed at the force peaks, and we have used a difference threshold of 20 pN to identify and localize force events.’
    • ‘The difference threshold is the amount of change needed for us to recognize that a change has occurred.’
    • ‘For the Steady-Pedestal Paradigm, the difference thresholds ranged from 0.085 to 0.189 among observers and were significant.’
    • ‘The most sensitive pigeons had difference thresholds of approximately 0.05 log unit, which corresponds to a difference of about 10% in luminance.’
    • ‘We finally see that the difference threshold criteria is fulfilled at 1.725 m.’
    • ‘The blue solid line shows the classification performance as a function of the LLR difference threshold.’
    • ‘The ‘minimum difference threshold’ mentioned above is important from a global performance point of view as well.’
    • ‘The difference threshold is sometimes called the just noticeable difference, and it depends on the strength of the stimulus.’
    • ‘In compression coding of picture sequences, a measure of picture difference is generated and compared with a picture difference threshold.’
    • ‘While, for a given sense modality, there is (subject to the limitations above) one and only one absolute threshold, there are an infinite number of possible difference thresholds, since the size of the difference threshold depends on the magnitude of the stimuli involved.’