Meaning of differential calculus in English:

differential calculus


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mass noun
  • A branch of mathematics concerned with the determination, properties, and application of derivatives and differentials.

    Compare with integral calculus

    ‘In his last years he worked on a new absolute differential calculus and a geometry of Hilbert spaces.’
    • ‘The Academy sought the best article on the theory of the mathematical infinity and they designed the competition to encourage mathematicians to seek a sound basis for the new differential calculus.’
    • ‘I seemed to hit the limits of my mathematical abilities after differential calculus in 1986, my first year of university.’
    • ‘Not all were captivated by the application of differential calculus to human activity (inclusive even of marriage and procreation).’
    • ‘Hindu science made great advances in astronomy, mathematics in general (including differential calculus and trigonometry) and the development of ‘arabic’ numerals.’