Meaning of differential lock in English:

differential lock


  • A device which disables the differential of a motor vehicle in slippery conditions to improve grip.

    ‘This system serves as the differential lock on manual transmission models.’
    • ‘The traction control interacts with an electronic differential lock to provide effective yaw control, and brake pressure can be applied to all four wheels if necessary to correct excessive under steer.’
    • ‘An electrical switch transfers the box to low range but the differential lock can be activated manually by the driver.’
    • ‘Optional equipment includes alloy wheels, rear differential lock, electronic four-wheel traction control on 4X4 models, running boards, backup assist, front seat-mounted airbags, full side curtain airbags, and more.’
    • ‘An electronic differential lock acting on all four wheels supports the fine distribution of the drive force.’
    • ‘These attributes are backed up by an electronic differential lock and traction control, not to mention the latest ABS brakes.’
    • ‘With a rear differential lock, high and low ratio gearbox and freewheeling front hubs that improve traction as standard it can wade through water more than 2ft deep.’
    • ‘If the going gets really tough, the rear differential lock can be activated from a dashboard switch.’
    • ‘The permanent six-wheel drive has longitudinal and transverse differential locks.’
    • ‘The isolation mounted tilting cab is quiet and spacious with air conditioning, adjustable suspension seat and one low effort joystick controlling all arch and grapple functions and the independent differential locks.’
    • ‘It is possible for the driver to activate the differential locks longitudinally and latitudinally whilst on the move.’
    • ‘A rear differential lock allows the driver to exploit traction to its fullest, there's low-range gearing to ensure that no incline is too steep for the car to clamber up.’
    • ‘Limited slip axles are standard all around, and a longitudinal differential lock can be engaged with the flip of a switch to counter adverse ground conditions.’
    • ‘With the optional rear differential lock, up to 100 percent of the torque can be used by any wheel that still has traction.’
    • ‘And how many bus drivers have satellite tracking, a footwell light, and electronic differential lock allowing 100% of torque on any one wheel?’
    • ‘These models get an electronically operated differential lock which acts through the brake system.’
    • ‘For extra traction, the 6x4 provides full-time four-wheel drive and differential lock.’