Meaning of diffraction grating in English:

diffraction grating

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  • A plate of glass or metal ruled with very close parallel lines, producing a spectrum by diffraction and interference of light.

    ‘In our fluorimeter, monochromatic light is produced by passing white light through a diffraction grating.’
    • ‘In a mechanically tuned laser, the wavelength is adjusted by physically moving a diffraction grating or a reflective mirror, and this method also provides a precise and continuous tuning curve.’
    • ‘Last was the invention of the diffraction grating for use in analyzing spectra from astronomical bodies.’
    • ‘In precious opal, the minute spheres of silica which make up its internal structure act as a diffraction grating, splitting light into its spectral colours.’
    • ‘In their chiral nematic states, the materials have a helical macrostructure which acts like a diffraction grating and selectively reflect light just like a compact disc does.’
    • ‘The regularity of these series of lines also evokes the diffraction grating, as if the frame had been in physical contact with the machine portrayed in the painting.’
    • ‘Light waves reflected from the surface of the diffraction grating interfere with each other, some canceling each other out, and some reinforcing each other.’
    • ‘After reflection by a diffraction grating, it passed through an intercepting plate window of different optical filters into the irradiation room.’
    • ‘There is a slit made from two razor blades, a diffraction grating made from a CD disk, and a viewing port, made from a paper tube.’
    • ‘The diffraction grating could be such that the intensity of the reflected light varies as the viewer's orientation varies.’
    • ‘The sensor is based on a novel diffraction grating called an image multiplex grating, made up of arcs of circles rather than straight lines.’
    • ‘When a source (such as the sun) gives off light, that light can be dispersed into a rainbow spectrum by a prism or diffraction grating.’
    • ‘Usually a prism or diffraction grating is used for this purpose.’
    • ‘The earliest monochromators were prisms, but these gave way to diffraction gratings, flat plates etched with very finely spaced parallel lines.’
    • ‘He is shown seated before his famous invention: a ruling machine for producing concave diffraction gratings, which are slightly curved metal plates scored with minutely spaced lines that diffract light into spectra.’
    • ‘The connection between diffraction gratings and stars is found in spectroscopy, which is the study of the relative brightness of an object at each wavelength of light (electromagnetic radiation) it emits or absorbs.’
    • ‘Further investigation by electro microscopy revealed that the antennae consist of microscopic corrugated sheets that act as natural diffraction gratings.’
    • ‘The large-aperture diffraction gratings remain the greatest technological hurdle, but are slated for completion by the time the facility is ready for the components, in approximately three years.’
    • ‘Color production from many superficial diffraction gratings can also be understood as coherent scattering from a crystal-like nanostructure restricted to the surface of the organism.’
    • ‘He studied the hypothesis that X-rays were waves and proved this by using crystals as three dimensional diffraction gratings.’